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Ice Game 2 Minute Drill Football Toss Game

Ice Game 2 Minute Drill Football Toss Game

Step up and become QB1 in this exciting skill-based 2 Minute Drill football throwing arcade machine from ICE Games. Compete with another player and take your team down the field by throwing screen passes, play action, and long bombs to maximize your points. This football toss game allows you to hit your favorite receivers along the way with the random pop-out targets that can ensure your victory to work your way up from Rookie, to Starter, to Pro-Bowl, then “Hall-of-Fame” status.
In-game sounds and color commentating will help cheer you on and the conveyor belt automatically sends new footballs your way so you can deliver the rock quickly. Multiple receivers will pop out at you throughout your drive so make sure and hit them for big bonuses. The more you play this game you’ll create the perfect playbook for the winning strategy.
2 Minute Drill will test your speed, accuracy, and timing as you march your team down the field to score as many points as you can in two minutes. Can you get to “Hall-of-Fame” status? Will you throw the long bomb into the smallest target or get multiple strikes in play action, as QB1 its your call to make. Each time you achieve “Hall-of-Fame” status the records keep climbing and the status gets more difficult to reach each time. 

2 Minute Drill is made to order in Buffalo, NY. Due to extremely high demand, production is backed up 2-4 months. Orders built on first come first serve basis so we encourage you to place your order ASAP so you can get in the queue.



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